a couple of awesome cheats for Zelda no Densetsu: Twilight Princess

Cheat Title: a couple of awesome cheats Game Title: Zelda no Densetsu: Twilight Princess Platform: Nintendo Wii

*rare chu jelly*

First after having the ability to turn into a wolf anytime you want go to ordon ranch inside the house thing.Then put your sences on and dig on the spots . You will fall into a room where there is some rats and a golden chu (sometimes,blue or red and light the torches for a chest to appear

1 bottle Sera gives you at the begining of the game
2 bottle is buy a bottle of lantern oil in a bottle from Coro
3 bottle go to hena's fishing hole and fish in the pond where it says NO LITTERING fish and you will real in a bottle
4 bottle bring 20 poe souls to Jiovani to obtain a bottle of fairy tears.
*bomb bags*

To get the first bomb bag buy one from barnes
2 bomb bag is from blowing up the rock in zora's domain at the botom a giant rock will be ther zora armour needed
3 bomb bag is helping iza out by shooting down the rocks and wood
4 is scoring 25 or over points in her boating game
*Quivers* finish the STAR tent (clawshot or double clawshot needed)